Biodynamic Preparations

Equisetum Arvense (a.k.a. Horsetail) is the main ingredient for BD508. It is very high in silica; it can be used as a tea to control fungus in the early season. It should be sprayed at full Moon (2-4 days before) and Moon opposition Saturn, the same application as BD 500.


  • 1 kg Equisetum Arvense (a.k.a. Horsetail) or Casuarina
  • 10 litres water


Make a strong tea/tincture by boiling the Equisetum Arvense or Casuarina in hot water for 2 hrs. Let it sit for 2 days. Apply as and when necessary.

Summary Of BD 508-EQUISETUM ARVENSE Preparations

GroupB Biocatalyst
IngredientCasuarina Tea
DescriptionsWorks with the water balance in the atmosphere as a fresh tea and is used to prevent and stop fungal growth, sooty mold and tighten plants against becoming soft and open to mildew infection. Fermented Casuarina tea works in the soil to stimulate the growth of beneficial fungi and large
hyphae and is applied with the afternoon soil sprays