Demeter Standard- The strictest standard for organic agriculture worldwide

The “International Demeter Biodynamic Standard” is based on BFDI principles and member organizations.

The Standard is an agreement on the minimum requirements that a biodynamically managed farm must meet in order to receive its Demeter recognition. Demeter farms are inspected annually for compliance with the Standard in addition to the organic inspection.

We offer English version of the Standard. Please note that in case of unclarity the English version is the deciding one. In some member countries there may be additional requirements, please contact your local organisation for more details.

THE CONVERSION PROCESS -Creating a holistic farm organism

Conversion to Demeter – How to Start

Contact the certifying organisation in your country. If there is none in your area, please contact the International Certification Office (ICO) at certification@demeter.net. We will send you all the information you need to get started.

Step 1 – Application
Fill out an application form which tells us about your operation/business and activities. This is evaluated and any needed clarifications can be made.

Step 2a – Conversion for farmers
You then enter a conversion period.  If you have already been fully certified to organic standards for at least three years, conversion to Demeter usually takes a year.  If you are starting without organic certification usually this takes three years. A conversion plan is developed with a Demeter recognized advisor of your choice who will give you advice during conversion.

Step 2b – Clear processes for processors
You need to show us that you will be using Demeter raw materials and processing them in a way that meets the requirements of the International Demeter Biodynamic Standard.  As part of this you must have clear plans to ensure separation and traceability during processing.

Step 3 – Inspection
When you are ready the first inspection is arranged shortly before or during your main harvesting time to check that you are meeting the requirements of the Standard.

Step 4 – Certification
The results of your inspection are reviewed, and you are contacted with the results of the review.  If improvements are needed then we let you know.  Otherwise you are issued with a Demeter certificate and offered a contract which allows you to use the Demeter trademark on and with your products.

Are you ready? Find the application forms here. Find more details in the conversion brochure (English).