Wong Kee Yew 黄其铫

Mr. Wong Kee Yew is a graduate of Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons.) from Australia. He worked in the life science research sector for more than 10 years. Given his background, he pays particular interest in preventive medicine and health science. Kee Yew became a vegan in 2002 and he’s ever since been collecting data and doing research on vegan nutrition in his personal capacity. Kee Yew now dedicates his effort to public education on veganism, by setting up The Veg School. He also made frequent media appearances on FM 95.8, FM 93.8, Channel U, and Channel 8 in Singapore as well as AiFM, NTV7, and Astro AEC in Malaysia, to educate the public on the proper concept of healthful veganism and nutrition, as well as simple vegetarian cooking demos to entice people into taking more vegetables and less meat.

黄其铫先生毕业于澳大利亚,获得生物技术荣誉学士学位。他在生命科学研究领域工作了 10 多年。鉴于背 景,他对预防医学和健康科学特别有心得 。 黄其铫于 2002 年成为素食者,此后他以个人身份收集数据并研究素食营养。 黄先生现在致力于 The Veg School 来开展素食普及教育。他还经常在新加坡的 FM  95.8 、 FM  93.8 、 Channel U、Channel 8 以及马来西亚的 AiFM、NTV7、Astro AEC 上露面,向公众宣传健康素食和营养的正确概念,以及举办简单素食烹饪示范来吸引人们多吃蔬菜少吃肉。