Dr. Yap Kim Fay 叶锦辉博士

Dr. Yap is a professional chartered Accountant, approved company auditor, and licensed tax accountant. In 2018, he attended a biodynamic workshop conducted by Teacher Jakes Jayakaran. Inspired by the biodynamic impulse, he adopted it fully in his Fay Farm @ Raub which is 36 acres of avocado and durian orchard.

He co-founded Malaysia Demeter Association and built MDA’s training center at Fay Farm. He is the current President of MDA and co-authored MDA Biodynamic Agriculture’s Basic Training Manual. Currently, he is working with an international team -BFDI to formalize the Participatory Guaranteed System- (PGS Demeter) in Malaysia.

叶博士是一名专业的特许会计师、公司审查师和注册税务会计师。2018 年,他参加了由Jakes Jayakaran 老师教导的活力农耕培训营。 对活力农耕的启发和热爱,他在劳勿的清叶农场完全采用了此农 法,在36 英亩的果园种植鳄梨和榴莲。他共同创立了马来西亚德米 特协会(MDA),并在清叶农场建立了MDA 的培训中心。 他是MDA 的 现任会长,推动MDA 活力农耕培训手册的编写。 目前,他正在与一 个国际团队-BFDI 合作,以便成立马来西亚的德米特共享式保证系统(PGS-Demeter)。