Paul Ong Chong Sun 保罗王忠山

Paul is an aeronautical engineer by profession and has been in the airline industry for nearly 30 years. In 2018, he attended a biodynamic workshop conducted by Teacher Jakes Jayakaran. In 2019 he joined the biodynamic workshop conducted by Teacher Hans and Ineke. In 2021 he enrolled in the online classes conducted by Teacher Harald and Cynthia. Inspired by the biodynamic impulse, he did sharings on the making of compost and CPP locally, at Paul farm @fayfarm and in Bali, Indonesia. He co-founded Malaysia Demeter Association and is the current Membership Director of MDA. He co-authored MDA-Biodynamic Agriculture’s Basic Training Manual.

Currently, he is working with an international team -BFDI to formalize the Participatory Guaranteed System- (PGS-Demeter) in Malaysia.

他是一名航空工程师,在航空业工作了近30 年。2018 年,他参加了由Jakes Jayakaran 老师教导的活力农耕培训营。2019 年,他参加了由汉斯和伊内克老师的活力农耕讲习班。2021 年,他参加了由哈拉尔德和辛西娅老师的在线课程。 对活力农耕的热爱和启发,他在清叶农场的保罗田园和印尼的巴厘 岛分享制作堆肥和CPP。

他共同创立了马来西亚德米特协会 (MDA),目前是MDA 的会员 主任。他共同编写了MDA-活力农耕基础培训手册。 目前,他正与 一个国际团队-BFDI 合作,计划在马来西亚正式建立参与式保障系 统(PGS-Demeter)。