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MDA Training and R&D Centre

Nestled amidst the jungle reserves at an altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level is the MDA Training centre. It is located at fayfarm@raub on the mighty Titiwangsa mountain range with a breathtaking view of the Gunung Benum Mountain Range where the sun rises each morning.
The centre lies at the fringe of the jungle and is surrounded by a herb garden, butterfly sanctuary, vegetable plots, and a durian and avocado farm.
The centre is used to conduct Biodynamic seminars and workshops. Our students are mostly from Malaysia; nevertheless, some came from Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.
Our seminars are conducted by international Biodynamic teachers and local Biodynamic farmers.
At fayfarm@raub, MDA has a research and development centre where we test out the efficacy of CPP, Compost, and Preparations.
We are also testing growing herbs like dandelion and stinging nettle.

Avocado tree from @fayfarm.