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PGS Farm Visits

24th Oct - Sg Ruan (13km-20mins) / Cameron(154.9km-2.33hrs), Pahang. RU Farm at Sg Klau (9am to 9.45am) Siamm Farm at Sg Klau (10am to 11.45 am) Thomas's farm at Sg Ruan (11 am to 11.45 am) COP Farm at Cameron Highlands (Depart from Raub at 12.30 pm, visit COP 3 pm to 5 pm) 25thContinue reading "PGS Farm Visits"

WORKSHOP #19 @ Raub on 27-28 Aug 2022

时间表 Program (第一天 Day 1) 时间 (Time) 活动 (Activities)27 /8/ 2022 (星期六)(Sat) 7.40 -8.15 am 登记 registration 8.15am-8.25am 主持人欢迎参与的学员,提醒大家 SOP 事项。介绍 MDA, 告诉大家当天的活动 表. MC welcomes all participants, reminds all of the SOP to follow, introduces MDA, informs the day's program, and. introduces the speakers 8.25am-8.30am 农夫的诵词 (farmers’ verses) 8.30am -9.30am (1hour) 第一位分享老师:惯型农法(化学农药如何影响社区与孩子) 由侯薇雯博士 -DrContinue reading "WORKSHOP #19 @ Raub on 27-28 Aug 2022"