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Welcome to Malaysia Demeter Association Official Website
BFDI Newsletter
Welcome to Malaysia Demeter Association Official Website
Jake Harng 蔡骏行

Jake, he is current Vice President of MDA Youth Section and PGS Committee Member.In 2015, Jake graduated with a bachelor's degree in biotechnology. At the age of 22, he decided…

8 Jul 2023

Tan Chye Hee (AH HEE 阿喜)

Affectionately known as Ah Hee, he was professionally trained as an engineer but became a pioneer biodynamic farmer by choice in Malaysia. He has worked as a research officer and…

8 Jul 2023

Lee Ong Sing 李鸿诚

Lee Ong Sing (Captain Lee) Cameron Highlands, Pahang. Lee is a third-generation farmer from Cameron Highlands. His asthmatic problem since childhood was healed through a proper organic diet. In 1996,…

8 Jul 2023

MDA Training and R&D Centre

Nestled amidst the jungle reserves at an altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level is the MDA Training centre. It is located at fayfarm@raub on the mighty Titiwangsa mountain range with a…

8 Jul 2023

MDA Workshop #22 @ FayFarm Raub

Workshop #22 held on 14- 16 Apr 2023 at FayFarm, Raub. This workshop is  for preps harvesting, making BD501 and sharing of preps storage and sensory perception development.

20 Apr 2023

Attending Agriculture Conference at Goetheanum

3 members from MDA participated in the Agriculture Conference at Goetheanum.

8 Mar 2023

MDA Workshop #21 @ Northern Malaysia

Workshop #21 held on 18-19 Feb 2023 at Happy Natural Farm & Hillside Organics, Northern Malaysia. Attended by 20 participants whereby a majority of them are new learners and organic…

8 Mar 2023

MDA Workshop #20 @ Pusing Perak

Workshop #20 held on 17- 18 Dec 2022 at Pusing & Centainnel Farm, Perak. Attended by 20 participants; a majority of them are new learners and organic farmers.

30 Dec 2022

THE DAY DONARCH CAME TO RAUB- The Asia Pacific Conference 2022 in Raub

The Asia Pacific Biodynamic Conference was held on 20th-23th of October 2022. It was a great success in bringing so many very different people together from 19 different countries, including…

8 Nov 2022

MDA Workshop #19 @ Raub Pahang

Workshop #19 held on 27-28 Aug 2022 at River Hill Resort & Fay Farm Raub. Attended by 48 participants whereby majority of them owned durian orchard. This workshop was held…

8 Sep 2022