Tung Siew Hoe 邓修豪

Nickname: Bro. Bird Farm brand: Bird House

1999- Graduated from University Science Malaysia  (USM),  Penang. Major in Polymer Technology.2000- He worked as a production engineer at Texchem Pack (M) Sdn. Bhd.

2001- Returned to his hometown to assist his parents to manage a shoe factory.

2010-  He   attended   a   Biodynamic farming course and started his part-time farming journey

2015- He became a full-time organic/ BD farmer

(阿鸟/鸟哥) 农场品牌:鸟家

∼ 1999  年毕业于槟城 理科 大学工 系 ,主 修高 分子 聚合 物 (Polymer Technology)∼ 1999  年毕业于槟城 理科 大学工 系 ,主 修高 分子 聚合 物 (Polymer Technology)

∼2000 年担任生产工程师于 Texchem Pack (M) Sdn. Bhd.

∼2001 年回乡协助父母亲经营鞋厂

∼2010 年上活力农耕课程,于同年 开始半农半X 的耕种旅程

∼2015 年转为全职农夫